New music in February

2015 is proving to be a great year so far. In addition to a few fun and interesting gigs at Korzo and Shapeshifter, I also had the pleasure of participating in the Towson University Jazz Festival Orchestra with special guest Bobby Shew and also participated on a panel discussion on what it means to get a degree in Jazz performance these days.

Continuing into the second half of February, there’s a number of new performances coming up that I’m excited about:

2/17 w/ Drew Williams Nonet at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC 6pm

2/18 w/ Curriculum quartet 9pm at Rye Bar as part of A.E. Randolph Presents. Curriculum Quartet started as a rehearsal project working on the music of Eric Dolphy, Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, and Charlie Haden. After 2+ years of rehearsal, we’re playing a lot of gigs at Rye through the summer as part of a new series presenting interesting music performed by (mostly) young musicians.

2/25 w/ Curriculum quartet 9pm. Same details as 2/18.

2/26 w/ Mad Jen at Something Jazz Cafe 9pm. This is a composers collective I’m part of that’s been working on/reading some new music for the last 6 months. It’s our first performance!

2/28 @ ibeam, brooklyn 8pm PREMIERE of new music I’ve written for 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Guitar and Drums that I’m calling DG’s Dog and Pony Show (feat. Joe Moffett, Darius C Jones, Nick Grinder, Dustin Carlson, and Sam Ospovat). It’s part of Dave Ballou’s Ibeam residency and he’s playing with Herb Robertson, Tom Rainey, and Mike Formanek afterward!

dog and pony show