April Highlights

What is proving to be a pretty busy 2015 continues to roll on! A few performances of note, starting this week, are coming up. Hope to see some friendly faces.

Tuesday, March 31st 10:30pm: Will McEvoy’s Curriculum @ Korzo Konceptions Series (Brooklyn, NY). https://www.facebook.com/konceptions for more info.

Curriculum has been performing Ornette Coleman’s music quite a bit already this year, and the music is sounding really inspired. This one will feature all of the horn players who have been rotating in over the last two months.

Wednesday, April 1st 7:00pm: Signal Problems @ Evolving Pop-up series presented by Arts for Art (Lower East Side, Manhattan). http://www.artsforart.org/about/ourearth or https://www.facebook.com/events/357808564416195/ for more info.

Signal Problems is back after a short break to work on other music. This performance is special, because we are the opening set of a month long special series dedicated to free jazz, art, dance, and the overall theme of “Our Earth, Our World”. It’s also a good chance for your Manhattan types and early risers to come out. We’re still rolling with a new set of music that continues to evolve as we play it and as situations dictate. If you want to see what I mean, come to both this performance and the next one and see how wildly different things can be…

Monday, April 6th 10:30pm: Signal Problems @ 65Fen Music series (Brooklyn). http://65fenmusicseries.tumblr.com/ for more information

After a much trumped up, but ultimately disappointing snow storm cancelled our 65Fen debut in January, we’re very excited to finally get a chance to play at this new artist-curated series in Brooklyn. This venue is in my neighborhood. I go there often. It’s cozy and a great, intimate venue to hear new music. I guarantee you this set will be quite different from the April 1st Signal Problems set, so it’s definitely worth coming to both!

Monday, April 13th 8:15pm: Wing Walker Music Orchestra @ Shape Shifter Lab (Brooklyn). http://www.wingwalkermusic.com/ or http://www.shapeshifterlab.com/ for more info

It’s a website, it’s a podcast, it’s a mixtape, but it’s also an orchestra! For this performance, we’re focusing mostly on music written/arranged by Drew Williams that we will be recording the next night.

Sunday, April 18th at 8:00pm: Out of Your Head Brooklyn @ Threes Brewing (Brooklyn). http://outofyourhead.org/brooklyn/ for more info

I’m not playing on this one, but longtime buddies and fellow Signal Problems members Eric Trudel, Adam Hopkins, and I curated this night of brand new bands playing completely improvised music. We also collaborated on the last one, which included an idea of mine that at least one person called “genius” involving 3 trumpets and 3 basses. Here’s a (dim) video from that one:

Wednesday April 22nd at 9:00pm. Curriculum Quartet at A.E. Randolph Presents (Brooklyn). http://aerandolphpresents.tumblr.com/ for more info.

Back in our “home” venue! Always a good hang at the bar below Rye.