Good music in May!

I like to play music. I like to play music more when there are people in the room to share it with. Sharing is caring.

DG’s “Misfit Toys”- Wednesday, May 11th 10pm @ A.E. Randolph Presents (bar below Rye in Williamsburg)

Starting in January of 2010, I wrote my first complete set of original music and formed a project to perform it called “Misfit Toys”. This performance is a revival of that music plus one new piece I wrote using some of the same techniques. I forgot how fun this music is to play, and have really been enjoying rehearsing it and finding new inspiration in it. This performance features a mostly different band with a slightly different instrumentation. Not to be missed, it might be another 5 years!

Danny Gouker, Trumpet; Michael Attias, Alto Sax; Eric Trudel, Tenor Sax; Dustin Carlson, octave-down guitar; Max Goldman, drums

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Wing Walker Orchestra– Thursday, May 12th 9pm @ Threes Brewing

It’s a website, it’s a podcast, it’s a mixtape, but it’s also an orchestra! Featuring music specifically arranged for this group by members of the ensemble.

Reckless Marcher- Monday, May 16th 10:00pm @ 65 Fen Music Series

A new with Dustin Carlson and Max Goldman. We will play our original music and music by Mike Formanek and Tim Berne. We’ve been playing together a lot recently in different bands and been rehearsing as a trio so that we can really do this music justice. I think we can do it!

Dustin Carlson’s “Air Ceremony”- Wednesday, May 25th 10:15pm @ A.E. Randolph Presents

Dustin writes some challenging and exciting music. This will be the third time I will have played with him this month, so we’re bound to be synced up. Everyone in this band really brings it!

misfit toys