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Signal Problems is a band. It is a band that I lead, though more on that in a bit. It is a band that’s been playing together for about 7 years, which is coincidentally how long I’ve lived in New York. None of the people in the band are people I met in New York. I think I’ve known each of them (and we’ve known each other) for about 10 or 11 years. It is a band that relies heavily on our shared experiences: learning about music over the years, moving to New York, etc. That’s why it’s a little strong for me to say I lead the band, as it’s more like I’m the point person keeping it going. Though I write the music, what comes out of it is just as much a surprise to me as anyone.

I wrote the previous not because I think anyone really needs a history of the band, but the context is important. Next week, on Sept 13th we’re playing at the Festival of New Trumpet Music, a performance that will culminate a spring and summer developing and recording 3 albums worth of music that we’ve been working on since 2013, when the first Signal Problems album was recorded. We’re not going to play three albums worth of material next Wednesday, nor is it really possible to get the full effect of our years of shared experience in a 45 minute set, but I think this will be a special performance of a band in rare form, and I don’t really know what’s going to happen. Maybe that’s your kind of thing?

Here’s some stuff we did over the last 6 months.


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Standards with Billy Mintz:

Eric and I made a promo video when Nathan/Adam were out of town for a gig:

We recorded for 3 days at a log cabin in the Catskills:

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Come to our gig at Shapeshifter Lab on Sept 13th 8pm! You obviously like us if you read this far.

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