October Music

And we’re back! July, August, and September were productive months full of great music, but I wasn’t able to keep up with the monthly previews. However, October is a great time to start it up again because there’s a lot going on in October.

First off, October is my first month as a curator at A.E. Randolph Presents. Check out the Facebook page for event pages with more details in the near future. In the meantime, you can go here for a quick rundown of the lineup.

As for public performances where I’m playing trumpet, there are several this month, so check one out:

Wing Walker Orchestra- Tuesday, October 6th, 8:00pm @ Threes BrewingThe second month of what looks to be a monthly series. This “orchestra” is not quite a big band, but it’s getting there! Performances feature a wide range of compositions by members of the ensemble including my contribution, “Grumpy Cloud” which sounds a lot like what it’s called. Facebook event

ae randolph oct 7 2015 posterDG’s Dog and Pony Show- Wednesday, October 7th, 9:00pm @ A.E. Randolph Presents!!!!!!!!! DOG AND PONY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! This will be an event. A musical event vaguely influenced by a combination of Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy, dice with music note names on the sides of them, and binge watching both seasons of Twin Peaks. This will be an event, a Dog and Pony Show event.

Before the Dog and Pony Show will be a brand new group that I heard through the wall of a rehearsal studio once and was so moved by it that I asked them to play at A.E. Randolph Presents 4 months later. Facebook event

Dustin Carlson’s Air Ceremony- Sunday, October 11th, 8:00pm @ JACKDustin is a crazy person. The music is not quite as crazy as Dustin, but it’s close. This band has two guitars and it’s awesome. Chris Welcome’s quartet is also on the bill. We’ll be debuting a new piece called “Secret Ceremony”. Maybe that was a secret… Facebook event

Danny Gouker Quartet- Friday, October 16th, 8:00pm @ “Information Rhinoceros #1”: This is a challenging project where I’ve worked on a few different ways to deal with pitch alongside Jonah Rosenberg on Piano and Zach Swanson on bass. As with previous performances, we bring in an unsuspecting drummer as sort of a wild card, a part played this time by the dynamic and imaginative Devin Gray. Facebook event

Curriculum Quartet- Monday, October 19th, 8:00pm @ The Whole Gallery Baltimore, MD:  Curriculum is back! I’m probably more excited than you are, but if you read this much of this post, then maybe you’re excited, too. Double bill with a Time Toss. Facebook event

Curriculum Quextet- Wednesday, October 21st, 9:00pm @ A.E. Randolph PresentsThe triumphant return of Will McEvoy to New York after he moved to Michigan and spent 3 months in exile there. Vilray will play between sets and it will be just swell and like old times and we can pretend that Will never left and everything isn’t totally different now. Facebook event

Did you make it to the end? If so, enjoy this picture from a Signal Problems set in September:



Signal Problems Update

I wrote a blog on the Signal Problems website updating on some reviews and radio airplay we’ve been getting over the summer. Check it out here.

Also, we’re playing October 30th at Freddy’s in Brooklyn NYC. Mark your calendars! More performance dates in the fall/winter to come.