As a Collaborator

I’m fortunate to be involved in a large community of young improvisers/composers in Brooklyn, NY. I work regularly on a number of projects led by colleagues:

Out or Your Head Collective

Started in Baltimore, but now with “chapters” in both Baltimore and NYC, this collective has had enormous influence on my understanding of improvised music. Some of my closest collaborators and favorite musicians contribute to this.

Will McEvoy Curriculum Quartet

“This project  was a means to an end- to play the music of Eric Dolphy.  We now include tracks by Ornette, Haden, Cherry,and others. I was frustrated that so few people, myself included, had spent so much time digesting, analyzing, and transcribing “our standards” repetoire with no outlet to play said music. Instead, schools have students play  out of a book.  I’m building my own book.”